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I was reading the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi one of the most prominent men of statute in the world. What caught my attention was not his concept of non violence and peaceful means of agitation to win freedom for the country, but his personal theories and experiments with his sexual desires. His experiments to check his self control and rigorously practice celibacy are matters widely debated by many and it is quite difficult to come to any particular conclusion except that the man live ahead of his times in all respects.

Come to think of all the Monks and Nuns who take a vow of celibacy when they enter a particular order and dedicate their life to Christ. They take a vow of poverty as well as celibacy. Remaining celibate calls for a strong will power and strength of character. You might think that since they all live in convents that are isolated from outside world and society it is quite easy to be celibate. But then celibacy is not only a matter of abstaining from physical pleasures but is much deeper. They learn to first practice celibacy of thought for it is no good being physically celibate but entertaining sexual thoughts all the time in which case abstaining from physical sex is defeated, for we all know that even the sexual urge has its origin first in the mind which activates the physical senses. The monks and nuns learn to transmute all thoughts, desires and senses to the supreme thought of god and rise over physical body. Living in isolated convents definitely helps for it keeps them away from unwanted attention to which their eyes and mind may get engaged with. Even seeing materialist things or sites can corrupt the mind and the thoughts. Mind catches up and goes on with building the threat of thoughts based on the stimuli and impressions receive from the eyes as well as the other senses.

When it comes to the matter of celibacy, you will be surprised to know that many married couples too end up practicing celibacy. Sometimes it can be due to some religious observances in various cultures or due to ignorance. While in the west children are exposed to discussing matters of safe sex in school, there are several conservative societies which prohibit open discussion. Where there is lack of education and exposure, it is quite possible that young men and women are misconceptions about sex or due to lack of knowledge are unable to consummate their marriage. Sometimes it can also be due to some physical problems faced by the man or the woman which may not be attended to. In the west thankfully we are quite open to seeking medical assistance when we have problems resuming normal sexual relationship. Going to a sexologist is no more a taboo. For normal problems with erectile dysfunction however, the local general practitioner is good enough and will help you find the cure with prescription of Viagra. Viagra being available online, you need not even go to the chemist and order it. You can order it online and have it delivered at home.

Celibacy is not for everyone. Can you think of living a life without caring and sharing yourself with your spouse? Impossible. But as we say, it takes all kinds to make this world; the celibates must be made differently or are different in their outlook towards life which makes it possible for them to rise above the normal human urges.

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Viagra from India